We are on a roll — a gluten free one, but nevertheless a roll! đŸ˜‰

I brought Joseph to preschool today and stayed a while, which is what he likes me to do. It’s been remarkably interesting to watch him during these transition periods.

At first, he’d run into the “baby room” (it’s a mixed-aged school), where he could hide from all the other kids. After a while, he’d stay in the main room with everyone, but immerse himself in the trains or some other solo activity.

Now, 8 months into it, we are walking up toward the door and Dylan, another 5 year old, sees us through the window. He exclaims, “Yea! It’s Joseph!” In we go. Joseph doesn’t even stop to take off his shoes or wash his hands — he is so excited to see his friends that he immediately runs to them and starts to interact.

Joseph’s teacher and I end up in the baby room having a discussion about Joseph. After a few minutes Dylan and Maya run in, giggling like crazy, and crawl under the little trampoline.

The teacher, ever mindful about having Joseph included, says, “Why don’t you find a way for Joseph to play this with you?”

Maya replies, “He’s chasing us!”

And indeed, next comes Joseph, running and giggling, into the room. He finds the kids under the trampoline, climbs on top, and starts jumping in an effort to get them out from underneath. Everyone is having a good giggle. Then the two underneath crawl out and run, and Joseph picks up the chase again.

His teacher tells me she sees this level of interaction all the time now.

Life is good. I feel so hopeful.

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops — at all.
(Emily Dickinson)

I put the poem, above, on my wall years ago — shortly after the diagnosis. It has seen me through some dark times.

And now it’s seeing me through some pretty happy ones.