Jenny McCarthy’s journey seems to be both loved and despised by other autism families. For me, I take what I like and leave the rest. I do believe that there is value in much of what she proposes, most particularly that the epidemic of autism is the canary in the coal mine. I believe it is a sign that our toxic environment is destroying us.

Joseph was never vaccinated, so we can’t blame autism on that. However, when I was in labor I had an infection and they blasted me with antibiotics. Then, after Joseph was born, they did they same to him. My belief is that he came in with an already-compromised immune system, and this tipped him over the edge.

Our naturopath, Dr. Glen, added an interesting addendum to this theory of mine: since my gut was damaged by the antibiotics and Joseph existed solely on breast milk the first six months, there weren’t the proper ingredients in my milk to help his gut to heal. Voila: autism.

Back to Jenny McCarthy. One of her colleages is a man named Stan Kurtz (, who recovered his child from autism — as did Jenny. I am not very knowledgable medically, but my understanding of Stan’s pet theory is that many of these kids have an often-undetectable virus in their system.

He feels that the body will try to fix the crisis of a virus before addressing the problem of discharging heavy metals from the system. And we all know that children with autism have high levels of heavy metals in their bodies. They can’t seem to dispose of it the way that typical children do.

So if lab tests don’t pick up a virus, how can you tell there is one? According to Dr. Glen, an underriding virus will show up now and then in peculiar ways: unexplained fever, flu symptoms, eczema, that sort of thing. It will cycle in and out.

This does happen with Joseph every month or two, so we’ve decided to give Valtrex a try. We are very grateful to do this with the help of Dr. Glen, who is working to support Joseph’s gut, elimination and detox processes while we undergo the Valtrex trial.

It’s been a whole day. I am a little bit hopeful and a lot interested to see what happens.

Will it be Valtrex Schmaltrex or Valtrex the Miracle? Or something in between?

Stay tuned.

And good night.