There is a wave of thinking I’ve been running up against ever since Joseph got diagnosed with autism.  Whether you call them Indigo, Crystal, or something else, the theory is that the massive numbers of children coming in with autism are not severely impaired people — they are actually advanced beings who are coming to help and heal us. They don’t need help and healing.

The quote Kelly sent me after my last post is right in line with this perspective. This quote is about autistic children and comes from the Oneness of All website:

Many of the children being born now have no lessons to learn;  they have already finished their three dimensional lessons, but chose to be on earth at this important time simply to add their Light to the planet.  That is why so many of them do not fit into “the box” so to speak, they are functioning beyond many of the adults who are their teachers. 

These children do not understand why the three-dimensional issues they see as irrelevant, are important to so many around them.  Be patient with these children, they do need structure and love, but most of all need you to understand that they see the world from a whole different perspective than those who have not yet evolved to their level.

What is autism, really? Are these souls really “functioning beyond many of the adults who are their teachers?”   Or is autism “a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior?” (Wikipedia)

I decided to go to the sources. I contacted several spiritually-oriented friends with autistic children, sent them the Oneness of All quote and asked them what its relevance was to their experience. Here are the answers I got:

Therese: My son is absolutely not an advanced being. I don’t believe that quote for a moment.

Mike: I think maybe autism is the first incarnation after being an animal. That’s why my kid, and others, have so much trouble functioning.

Lisa: That is a very insightful quote, and I absolutely believe it is true. Funny, because my son has said the same thing to me in different words.

Pardon the pun, but there seems to be a whole spectrum of perspectives!

I sent the quote to one other parent. Melinda gave an insightful, moving response that may well sum it up for all of us:

It’s a perspective. There are endless ways of perceiving reality.

It’s like we all exist in a huge round tower with windows at every point in the 360 degrees. When you stand in one place, your view out that window is real. Walk a few steps over and your view, equally real, will be somewhat different. Walk halfway ’round the tower and your view of reality will be quite different still.

Add to that the fact that we’re all seeing the view from our own eyes and perceiving it through our own brainy filters, and…well, you’ve got a million versions of truth, yes?

I’ve stood before windows that show me my daughter is a gifted teacher here in part to help me and others grow strong roots and then branch wildly towards the light, throwing off seeds. I’ve stood before windows that show me that she is an incredibly vulnerable being in a cruel world that can’t accommodate her.

I’ve seen smoke in the distance and interpreted it as a wildfire coming to engulf her. And then from another view it was smoke signals, reminding me that all dissipates, all is illusion.

My experience is constantly shifting. My experience is often the result of which window I am standing before….and more and more it is the result of which window I choose to stand before.

I speak my truth in this moment. Tomorrow morning, when my daughter gets up with her hands bearing crusted dried blood from putting them into her pants during her period, when she needs to touch my nose thirty or fifty times and stands before the calendar searching for gaps or errors in my listing of the events of her life, I might be looking out a different window.

I might even choose to close the blinds! Thankful that I can choose at all.

*               *               *

Thank you, Melinda.

Maybe, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is autism.

May our eyes see clearly. May we stand mindfully in front the window, aware that the view is very much a choice we make.

p.s. If you want to have your mind blown about what autism is, check out this video.